Heartless Premier

That Christmas card from Tony and Cherie Blair? We’re being awfully hard on the man, don’t you think?

Blair Card

Do they know it’s Christmouse time?

In the news: Bob Geldof promotes Band Aid 30 and the reissue¬†of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas Time?’ by wearing a pair of cat ears.


Ice. Ice. Boobies.

Or even eyes, eyes, boobies.


Join the dots

I’m risking bad karma by using my son’s birthday cake to make cheap political jokes. But anyway.


Treading the boards

It’s a theatrical trailer.


Split personalities

As a mark of respect towards Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, later this morning I will be consciously uncoupling these bananas.


Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday

Of all the items that have been blown or thrown over the fence from the flats next door over the years, a deep fat fryer must count among the more unusual.


“The face of Jesus in my soup…”

It’s the Messiah, in a bowl of squash soup. Who knew?


That Oscar Selfie re-examined

Well, obviously.


Education, Education, Education

I know it’s somewhat fashionable to visit the settlement of Twatt, and have your photo taken next to the sign. But I’ve never been there. So I’ve used a picture of Michael Gove instead.


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