The darker side of criminal justice

Me: Guess what? They’ve made squatting illegal.

Emily: Really? How on earth are we going to reach inside low cupboards now?

Comedy signage

As the Paralympics opened yesterday, this was apparently spotted loitering around at least one London railway station.

Sometimes a spell check simply isn’t enough

See, this is why you should proofread.

The cake that Jack built

This is absolute genius. God I miss 24, but this will do.

Do the continental

It’s a French sausage called ‘The Justin’. Camping simply doesn’t get better than this.

“If you’re going to build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?”

Gareth sent me this last night. Aside from my wife and children, I think it may be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

I predict a riot

So, that was The Dark Knight Rises. Thoughts:

1. The Batman trilogy = the Star Wars trilogy; i.e. tonight was fun, but The Dark Knight was better.

2. Either I’m getting old, or I read too many comics, or both, but I figured out every so-called ‘twist’. There wasn’t a thing in there that actually surprised me. Perhaps that was the point.

3. Spent ages trying to work out where I recognised that stooge, and it turns out to be bloody Burn Gorman from bloody Torchwood. Now I need cake.

4. No social commentary. None at all. No, really.

5. Good grief, I wish Bane had come with subtitles.

As I was wandering through the corridors of my local Cineworld, I passed two students who were staring at a poster.

“Looks they’ve made a remake of Judge Dredd.”
“That one with Sylvester Stallone?”
“Yeah, that’s it.”
“Dunno though. It’s just called Dredd. So it might not be.”
“The helmet looks sort of the same, though. You reckon that looks like the helmet he wore in the original?”

Honestly. Kids these days.

Rorschach for petrologists

It’s a pebble that looks a nose. (Of course it looks like a nose. It couldn’t be anything else. You all think it looks like a nose, don’t you?)


Crossing the line

For all those of you pining for the Olympics, here’s a sensational picture of Bolt near the finish in lane four.

Great British Summer

It’s chucking it down. The sky is black with heavy rain clouds and it’s as dark as it is in the middle of December. We have opened the blinds to let in what natural light there is, and at home Emily has had to turn the lights on. The office is full of people staring out of the windows at the cloudburst, and I’m almost tempted to put on my school teacher voice, cough and say “Now, come one everyone, I’m sure you’ve all seen rain before…”
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