Oh help! Oh no! It’s a Ruffalo!

A friend of mine came up with this; I just did the Photoshopping.



Funny what happens when you take letters away from things – or, in other cases, add them.



Emily made trifle the other evening. Can you tell?


The Star Wars / Doctor Who Trailer thing

So. That Episode VII trailer, then. The one that had nothing at all to do with Doctor Who, until I got my hands on it. 

If you follow Brian of Morbius, you’re in for a double helping, because I’ll scribble more about this tomorrow. For the rest of you, here’s something I made earlier. (Not much earlier. Two o’clock this morning, truth be told.)

This is as close to shot-for-shot I could manage on a rush job. If you wanted a comparison, I’ve done that too…



What light through yonder porthole breaks?

For musically literate Bioshock fans only. There must be at least a few of you.


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