“New teeth. That’s weird.”

If you don’t follow chocolate advertising (and Harry Potter), this is going to go over your head. Otherwise, you’re welcome.


Education, Education, Education

I know it’s somewhat fashionable to visit the settlement of Twatt, and have your photo taken next to the sign. But I’ve never been there. So I’ve used a picture of Michael Gove instead.


Minecraft cubed

Designed by Rubik. Built by me.



(Various people have asked whether it’s solvable – it isn’t, because the colours don’t match up. I wasn’t interested in something that was mathematically correct – I just wanted it to look cool.)

Here comes the flood

You see what I mean.


One hundred and eighty (free schools)

I found the dartboard.


A match made in Hogwarts

“So did you read about this Ron and Hermione thing?” said Emily.
“I did, although I don’t see why it merits inclusion on News at Ten,” I replied. “And my friends are all discussing it. For heaven’s sake, it’s a book.”
“It’s wrong anyway.”
“Of course it is! The Harry / Hermione romance would have worked for a time, but Hermione is at her best when she can take charge.”
“Exactly,” said Emily. “Ron’s basically useless.”
“Hermione is ‘the clever one’, and even if she were with Harry she’d still be ‘the clever one’, but Ron’s completely incompetent. As a result, she can maintain the control she needs, and he can devote himself to adoring her, and she can just outshine him.”
“Hey!” she said. “It’s like me and you.”
“…Yes, I suppose it is.”
“Because, you know, I’m the clever one, and you’re the crap one.”
“All right, fine.”
“And I outshine you.”
“I want a divorce.”
“Will you die your hair ginger?”
“Don’t push your luck, sweetie.”

One ringtone to rule them all



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