Stuff I probably should have tweeted, #1

I don’t do Twitter. But if I did, some of these random Facebook comments – at least the ones under 140 characters – would have been on it. There are a whole bunch of these; we’ll play catch-up and start in 2009….

5th July 2009 – OK, I understand about the Pina Coladas. But does anybody really like getting caught in the rain?

7th July – Watched the first installment of Children of Earth. A thought: children standing staring into space, refusing to listen to a word you’re saying, then breaking into ear-splitting screams. This was unusual because…?

21st July – I have Calvin Klein flu. It’s like swine flu, but you just feel pants.

27th September – Made Joshua a tin foil hat. This afternoon we will be burning all our I.D. and constructing an underground bunker.

2nd October – You know, it really ought to be “If you live in Pigeon Street, make sure you always carry an umbrella.”

29th October – I could have sworn I just heard the Cops With Cameras voiceover guy say “It’s 2 a.m. in the morning…”

18th November – Currently reading a review of a book that “offers important insights into human/polar bear relations in the Canadian Arctic”. I’m no expert, but I would have thought that the sum total of human/polar bear relationships amounted to “stay the hell away from the polar bear”.

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