Zippy doughnut

Zippy was feeling under the weather.

Scooby Who? (Part Two)

Observed in the local shopping centre, Saturday afternoon: Biggest. Dog. I’d. Ever. Seen.


The photo really doesn’t do him justice. I tried to get Daniel – who was with me – to go and stand next to him to give you an idea of scale, but he was having none of it, for which I do not blame him. (He still wants one, though. As do I.)

Double standards

Apparently the head of the Catholic Church in England has asked the Vatican to strip Jimmy Saville of his papal knighthood.
Meanwhile, in a Dorset ironmonger’s, a pot has become embroiled in a racist row with a kettle.

Scooby Who?

Dear Daily Mail,

Um. No, she’s not.



Presenting…oh, you get the idea.

The strongest messiah in the world

I mean, it was really quite nice of Geoff Capes to license his likeness…

Sometimes, questions are pointless

Me: Now, why did I do that? Why would I do such a colossally stupid thing as to rip open the top of the cat food box when there’s a perfectly servicable flap on the side?

Emily: ¬†Maybe it’s because you’re colossally stupid.


Emily: What? I’m not saying you are. It was just a suggestion. I mean, you did ask…

Comedy vegetable (i)

Q. What’s orange and sounds looks like a parrot?

A. A carrot.

Introducing Mr Pumpkin

It’s a little early for Halloween, I know, but those pumpkins take time to carve, and Emily had the buggy with her, so it seemed like the ideal moment to buy them. The boys chose one each, of varying sizes, and then I noticed the vague proportional resemblance to the components of your average garden snowman. And then – well, one thing sort of led to another.

The Esther Rantzen thing

I love Wikipedia.

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