About Stuff I Had To Put Somewhere

This is the random blog I keep for anything that doesn’t fit in my other blogs:

Brian of Morbius, an ongoing analysis / dissection / general piss-take of Doctor Who

Glurgewatch, collecting all the sugary gloop the internet has to offer

So if you read all five, that’s my world, more or less archived online (minus the boring bits).

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  1. Why does it bother me?

     /  August 31, 2012

    An award for all of the randomness you bring into the world with this marvellous blog! Don’t feel that you have to accept it, just remember I burst out laughing on pretty much every notification I get of a new post!

    • reverend61

       /  September 1, 2012

      Well thank you: I’m touched! I will do the appropriate stuff when I get a minute this weekend.

      • Why does it bother me?

         /  September 1, 2012

        Cool! Did you see Dr Who? I just watched it. I really enjoyed it! I think Matt Smith is a great doctor!

  2. kelleylevis

     /  May 31, 2013

    Hey! You! You’re awesome! Your blog has made me smile multiple times, so I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award! 🙂 for rules and other such nonsense, visit here: http://versatilebloggeraward.wordpress.com/vba-rules/

    • reverend61

       /  June 7, 2013

      Thanks very much! I confess I am on a self-imposed exile from these, because otherwise you just end up on a massive spiral of constantly blogging about yourself. But I do appreciate the sentiment!


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