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What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a monster?

You see what I mean.

Happy Pasty

My other half gets creative with ketchup, Slimbridge Beer Festival, June 2012.

A seal walks into a club

Courtesy of The Grammar Police


Apologies to anyone who subscribes to Brian of Morbius, and who will therefore have seen this twice, but I thought it deserved some cross-pollination.  I came across it last year but had almost forgotten about it until yesterday, when a friend poted it on Facebook.

Kitsch mugs #6

Lot #6: The rabbit and the dalmation, May 2012

One does not simply talk into Mordor

I was as excited as hell over the news that Traveller’s Tales are doing a Lego Lord of the Rings title, because I’ve wanted it for seven years. In my head, Rivendell serves as the hub. Gimli and the other dwarves have mechanic abilities. Only Hobbits can fit through small places. And you will need a magical character to open this door. Sauron is the last character you’ll unlock. The secret level is the final War of the Last Alliance with Isildur and Elendil as playable characters. In my head, it was perfect.

Then I saw the trailer.

Put another way: they speak? They speak? THEY SPEAK?!?!?

Dressing up for cats

Want one.

The Facebook Lyric Game (iii)

 From just the other day, and a cataclysmic disaster.

James: You remind me of the babe.

Owen: What babe?

Donna-Marie: Labrynth!! ;D

James: The babe with the power.

Donna-Marie: That’s the power of the babe!

James: Arrrgh! Stop messing it up!

Red Ed

The stuff people ask on Google scares me.

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