Turkey cake

Turkey pie, I’ve heard of. This was new!


Meanwhile, back on planet reality

I did a charity shop run over lunch, which involved visiting my local Oxfam. The customers were milling around enquiring on dress prices and their policy on electrical items, but one voice was dominant. I turned and noticed a chap sporting a bright red shirt, Man-from-Del-Monte headpiece, cream slacks and the most amazing moustache you’ll see outside a Victorian melodrama. He was shopping for clothes with a woman who couldn’t possibly have been his partner. I say shopping; I think ‘gallivanting’ might be more appropriate.

As I browsed through the children’s books, he sauntered over to the entrance to the stock room, where pensioners in blouses and cardigans priced up handbags and Dan Brown novels.

“I say!” he called out in an enunciated theatrical voice that was worthy at least of fringe theatre. “You’ve got a veritable Aladdin’s cave in here, ladies. Can I rub your lamp?”

I swear, I didn’t know where to look.

This was not him. But it gives you an idea.

Cana revisited

Spotted on Facebook…

Homer Simpson, eat your heart out

As observed in the local pound shop.

(If any of you are wondering about the Simpsons reference, have a look here.)

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