If Justin Fletcher advertised the Kinect

I’m right. You know I’m right.

Scooby Who?

Dear Daily Mail,

Um. No, she’s not.


Nobody gives him a Raw Deal

As spotted on Facebook, although as far as I can see it’s been doing the rounds.

Same space, different planets

Conversation in the office: “So are you going to see Les Miserables?”
“No. I’ve not even read the book. Although I did buy it. Except I bought part two, not realising it was part two. And then I thought I’d save it until I’d bought part one, which I haven’t got round to doing yet. Have you read it?”
“No. Although I recently finished Great Expectations. It was really disappointing.”
“Really? I mean it’s Dickens.”
“Wha – no…”
“What was it that was disappointing? Was it the story, or was it the characters?”
“Get there faster. Get there faster.”

…and that’s why we love Wikipedia.

A friend of mine brought this to my attention. I don’t know where he found it, but it’s still funny.

I cannot believe you just did that

Watching the voting at the tail end of our Eurovision party.

Me: What’s the orange juice / sparkling wine ratio in Bucks Fizz?

Cath: I think it’s about half and half.

Me: Half and half? I could do that.

Emily: We’re thirsty, though. You’re gonna have to start making your mind up.

Where’s WALL-E?

Courtesy of George Takei (who I daresay found it somewhere else, but thanks George)…

Spotted on iGoogle

Read this article headline.

You’re thinking about The Fast Show now, aren’t you?

Kitsch mugs #4

Lot #4: The Coronation Street, April 2012

Homer Simpson, eat your heart out

As observed in the local pound shop.

(If any of you are wondering about the Simpsons reference, have a look here.)

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