One Lovely Blog Award

I just got one of these…

Which is nice.

Anyway, it came from The World According to Gary, which is lovely and which you should read, even if she doesn’t like 24. Thanks for that!

I am supposed to link to fifteen other blogs, but I’m really not going to do that. You get five.

Make a Long Story Short – written by an old friend of mine, with assorted musings on literature, baking and (more recently) parenting. The parenting stuff alone makes it worth a look. Rachel is a fantastic person and a very talented writer and you should all be following her blog.

Claire Atkinson – some really rather splendid photography, based in Manchester. Images which make me cry, for the right reasons.

Frivolous Monsters – quirky musings on life and Doctor Who and various other things.

Colddeadheart’s Blog – some great photos here, but make sure you read the Arizona Chronicles as well, if only because they’re fantastic.

snobbery – makes me laugh. And laugh. And laugh. Read it.

Oh yes, I’m supposed to include seven facts.

1. I’ve worked in the publishing industry for just over a decade. Before that I had an admin job at a training broker, which went out of business when we ran out of money. Towards the end we were barricading the doors with the server cabinet and turning the lights off when the sheriff threatened to turn up to confiscate the equipment. I exaggerate only slightly.

2. As well as blogging, my other I.T.-related hobby is video editing. These tend to be emotionally angst-ridden montages of Doctor Who or Ashes To Ashes set to pop songs, or mashups – I took some old Dalek footage, for example, and replaced the Dalek voices with Zippy from Rainbow. I’ve been doing it for about a year and a half and keep learning new stuff, and it’s the most fun I have with a computer. The fruits of my labours on my YouTube page.

3. I have an extensive and eclectic music collection that includes but is not limited to Queen, The Who, Kenny Rogers, Leonard Nimoy, Kate Bush, Elbow, Genesis, Cassandra Wilson (look her up), and Jerry Springer. I also have a fair bit of Rolf Harris.

4. Every August bank holiday we go to the Greenbelt festival in Cheltenham. It is great. We volunteer, so we get free tickets.

5. When I was a kid I could recite Ghostbusters and the first Back To The Future movie more or less word for word. I could probably still have a fair crack at the whip twenty-five years later.

6. My family and I are in the midst of a quest to walk the Ridgeway, one of the oldest National Trails in England, snaking from Avebury to Tring. As I go to press we’re about halfway along. You can see photos when we’re done, if you really want to.

7. I once fainted in a branch of HMV on a hot summer’s day. So now you know.

Anyway, all this under-the-spotlight stuff is nice, but a bit out of my comfort zone. Can I go back in the box now?

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  1. Lovely Illuminating Sunshine Link Tag | snobbery

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